It is important that your wordpress website is kept up to date and that WordPress Core, Theme and Plugins are updated to the most recent versions regularly for security reasons.

There are many reasons your WordPress site needs to be updated on a regular basis, the most important of these being website security. WordPress sites consisting of WordPress Core (software), WordPress Themes (design) and WordPress Plugins (functionality) … all three of these things need to work together to allow for a healthy website.

What happens when WordPress websites are left with out of date Themes, Plugins and Core? You miss out on feature updates, but most notably your website is left open to vulnerability attacks from hackers, some have very serious consequences.

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Along with existing website hosting support, daily website backups and server level protection to detect threats & block attacks, we offer the following solutions to maintain and protect your website.

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Prefer to update your own website? Here’s how.

WordPress comes with a built-in update system. It automatically checks for updates and shows you notifications when there are updates available for your WordPress plugins, themes, and WordPress core software*.


Access the updates section by clicking on either of the two outlined boxes

Please note: Your website is automatically backed up at 5pm every day. I suggest doing plugin/theme updates prior to doing any content updates. If something goes wrong (very occasionally) we will need to restore the website to the previous day’s backup which would not have any content changes saved.



The updates page shows in order from top to bottom; WordPress Core, Plugins & Themes. You will apply updates in the reverse order.

Go to the bottom to Themes,  press Select All and then press the Update Themes button.  The Themes will update and take a few minutes to complete.

Repeat this step with Plugins and then finally at the top of the page, update the WordPress Core. This will be a single button as follows:



When the updates are complete, mouse over your site name in the top left corner and Visit Site, this will take you to the front end live part of your website and you can check that everything looks normal.


* Please note that by choosing to update your own website you assume the responsibility of something going wrong. In the event that you need assistance to fix a broken website, our standard hourly rate of $120 + gst will apply.

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